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License Liberation - Imagine Connecting All The People
Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 12:45:03 PM

Complementary to reimagining the in-room video conferencing experience, Highfive has reimagined the management of video conferencing by offering free and unlimited user licenses. To better align with our goal of making video conferencing ubiquitous throughout organizations of all sizes, Highfive will now whitelist your entire domain after you purchase a single Highfive room bundle. Empowering your entire staff the moment a conference room is enhanced with Highfive will provide significant benefits to IT administrators, finance teams and end users. Democratizing access company-wide, with no meeting restrictions, will simplify administration and encourage adoption.

Agile Administration

Enabling organizations with unlimited user licenses will cut through the complexities of managing individual user licenses. Many video conferencing providers offer tiers of user licenses with varying degrees of capabilities and privileges. Subjected to this outmoded model IT administrators must determine, on an individual basis, the applicable level of user license and then provision it. Fielding requests for moving up to higher tiers and tracking down approval can regularly interrupt IT administrator workflows. Further frustrations can arise if IT administrators are tasked with the tedious process of auditing user accounts to ensure that every employee has the appropriate user license tier.

By offering video conferencing with unlimited user licenses, Highfive greatly simplifies user lifecycle management. Coupled with simple installation and free customer enablement and support, Highfive’s ability to whitelist entire domains and enable every employee for free further reduces the solution’s already low impact on IT administration. By completely eliminating the hassle of managing user licenses on an individual basis, Highfive empowers IT administrators to increase productivity by focusing on more strategic initiatives. This nearly hands-off and agile administration will produce a more engaged and proactive IT department.

Financial Foresight

Paying variable prices for each individual user license can make accurate technology budgeting and forecasting nearly impossible for finance teams. Without set predictable prices for individual user licenses an accurate return on investment can be difficult to gauge. Even this inaccurate ROI calculation can be stunted as many employees may clamor for the most expensive tier of user license but then rarely use its accompanying capabilities. The process of auditing each individual user on their feature usage to justify the extra costs and then having to informing the users who fail to reach that justifiable usage threshold, is an onerous endeavor that wastes the valuable time and resources of the finance team.

By eliminating user licenses from the pricing equation, Highfive has further simplified an already extremely friendly pricing model. Predicable monthly costs for just room systems empower finance teams to construct accurate yearly spending forecasts and technology budgets. With free and unlimited user licenses from Highfive, finance teams no longer need to be concerned with burning cash on recurring costs for underutilized and even unused individual user licenses. This simple and predicable pricing will save a majority of companies money and enable them to easily equip their conference rooms as their organizational demands scale.

Elated End Users

Highfive’s free and unlimited user licenses is not just a pleasant differentiator for IT administers and finance teams, but most importantly everyone throughout the organization will have unrestricted access to all of the features of Highfive’s software and mobile application. Tiered user licenses from other video conferencing solutions discriminate against users at the lowest tier, as they’re meeting lengths are potentially capped and they may not have the ability to record meetings or use particular features. Financially constrained organizations may even force people to share licenses. Which could potentially lead to people getting kicked off calls or having to delay meetings because their license partner is already in a meeting. Concurrent meetings using the same user credentials are verboten with named user licenses. These end user constraints can greatly handcuff the user experience, hamper adoption and hinder collaboration and productivity.

Highfive’s free and unlimited user licenses enables everyone within an organization to meet without restrictions. Every end user has full access to Highfive’s powerful and simple to use meeting platform. Users can easily transition their meetings from desktop to in-room system to mobile application, all while maintaining access to Highfive’s entire catalog of features. With the entire company able to utilize Highfive’s simple in-room connectivity, crisp picture and crystal-clear Dolby audio, total collaboration and productivity will increase. End users will be elated with Highfive’s seamless usability and will champion video conferencing throughout the organization.

Say sayonara to user license restrictions and equip the entirety of your organization with Highfive’s high-caliber video conferencing solution.

Highfive’s free and unlimited user licenses is a Total Cost of Ownership game changer. With Highfive, a company with 250 employees and 20 conference rooms could save over $87,000 in one year compared to video conferencing solutions who still archaically charge for user licenses.

Highfive’s free and unlimited user licenses is a Total Cost of Ownership game changer. With Highfive, a company with 250 employees and 20 conference rooms could save over $87,000 in one year compared to video conferencing solutions who still archaically charge for user licenses.

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